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Freelance flutter developers often strive to work on short deadline deliverables for their clients. As most companies prioritize faster time leads and quality work for their app development projects, flutter developers need speed and efficiency. Here, Codemagic emerges as an amazing tool for flutter app development that helps you enhance the speed of the process while ensuring the quality of the final product. Codemagic is a solution that enables flutter developers to build, test, and deliver mobile applications in a much faster way.

The key capabilities of Codemagic for flutter developers are:

Eliminate and automate manual intervention
Up-to-date with the latest developer tools
Full Apple developer portal integration
Continuous delivery for 20% faster time-to-market

If you are a freelance flutter developer with the right skills and experience in using these tools, you can now find relevant projects on Eiliana. At Eiliana, freelancers also get the choice to remain completely anonymous while interacting with quality clients.

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